Adding a Hot Tub to an Existing Inground Pool vs. Stand-Alone Spa

Adding a Hot Tub to an Existing Inground Pool vs. Stand-Alone Spa

It seems like a dream come true when you have finally got a beautiful swimming pool installed in your backyard. That pool will be a place where you will calmly enjoy relaxing evenings with your partner and have many enjoyable evenings with your friends and colleagues. It might seem perfect, and you might not like to change anything until you hear about adding a hot tub to your pool.
Yes, you can add a hot tub to a swimming pool to have more fun and more relaxing evenings.
The modern property owners want to equip their house with all the luxurious amenities. When they decide to get a hot tub, it puzzles them that whether they should buy a standalone spa or add a hot tub to an existing Inground pool. If you are also confused among these two choices, the below-given information will help you in taking the right decision.

Pros and cons of adding a hot tub to an existing pool

New Pool and Hot Tub Construction

 When you decide to add a hot tub to an existing pool, you mostly choose to add a new attraction in your backyard. The upfront cost of adding a hot tub to a pool would be more affordable than buying a standalone spa. You can decide to install a pool and hot tub as one unit when building a new pool to save a lot of money on the upfront cost.
 People who do not have enough free space in the backyard can face problems in setting up a standalone spa. There will be no such issue when adding a hot tub to a pool. It will be installed right around the pool, and thus you can better utilize the free space around the pool.
 You can offer a more luxurious charm to your backyard by adding a hot tub to an existing inground pool. Hire an experienced pool builder and express your demands. He will provide many great ways of adding a hot tub to an existing pool. Eventually, you will get a design that will turn your pool area into a luxurious hotel’s pool area.
 Inground hot tubs do not come with ergonomic chair. You get a bench to sit in there and therefore it might feel a bit uncomfortable if you sit for a long time.
 Your power bills will get more expensive than now if you decide to add a hot tub to your existing inground pool. It will require power to heat the water in the hot tub and then in the pool, which will consume a lot of electricity. The operating cost of an inground hot tub can be more expensive than a standalone hot tub.

Pros and cons of standalone spa

 Many hot tub lovers choose independent spas because they want to have a more energy-efficient solution than the combination of a hot tub and existing pool. Standalone spas are designed to maintain the water temperature as per the user’s demands for a long time. Also, you can apply custom-fitted covers over the hot tub to cut the energy costs and keep the hot tub ready to use anytime you want.
 Top-quality standalone spas come with built-in ergonomic chairs. It means you can soak in as long as you want and you will not feel any discomfort in there.
 You get standalone spas with customizable jets that will deliver a more relaxing massage. Durable pumps give premium experience, and that’s what many users want.
 An independent spa can be beneficial for some property owners who do not wish to have it fixed in the same place. If your demands are also the same, then you should invest in a standalone spa.
The main problem with standalone spa is that it’s the upfront cost will be more than adding a hot tub to an existing pool. Besides, people with limited space in the backyard might not like to destroy the charming look of the pool area. These conditions make standalone pools a lousy choice for people with given conditions.

Final thoughts

Adding a hot tub to an existing inground pool is a personal decision. You can make a better choice if you decide to take an expert’s assistance. Consult with a reliable pool builder and discuss your needs. You will certainly get the best suggestions, and most probably, you may like to add a hot tub to your existing pool instead of buying a standalone one.